Imagine Music Inc. doing some “Epic” Fencing!

On March 02, Imagine Music Inc. Teachers and Guests gathered together for an afternoon of learning how to fence through the Epic Fencing Club. Head Coach, Peter Drevenka, led the events.

We started the afternoon off with some “simple warmups” – jogging, lunges and stretches – which require more cardio than many of us had expected. We then moved onto some hand-eye coordination exercises which was once again a challenge for many of us as we needed to be aware of our body movements and reflex abilities. This was a great way to not only get our brains going, but it was also a good team building exercise as you needed to “read into the minds” of your partner. After the all the various warm-ups, we finally got into some basic steps and attacks of fencing. Once everyone was familiar with the basic movements, we learned how to hold an épée and finally got to practice our techniques on the Peter!

To end the day, we had a small “Imagine Music Inc. Fencing Tournament”! They grouped us into pairs as we began matches against our colleagues! There was a total of 20 bouts (or matches) played among the 5 participants. As a result, the first and second place winners were actually Imagine Music Inc. guests as all 3 teacher participants won 3rd place. We concluded as a group that although fencing was a lot of fun, the teachers should stick to what we know best, teaching and playing music.

Want to see what it looked like?

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Although most teachers were not able to attend, they were definitely there in spirit and we hope to work together with Epic Fencing again for a “Round Two” Competition!