Chateau Renoir Interview

On Friday, May 2, 2014 a group of young piano students between the ages of 7-11 played at the Chateau Renoir Retirement Living Center in SW Calgary. This idea came from a young boy by the name of Conrad, who had asked his teacher to play at this special venue. So, with this help of his sister, Clara, and his friend Emma and Elena, the four children prepared a set of music to play for these seniors.

Below as an exclusive interview Imagine Music Inc. did with Conrad.

I hear that performing at Chateau Renoir was your idea, why did you want to play there?

To make them (the seniors) happy.

Was this your first time playing in front of people?

No (he had also played in various Imagine Music Inc. Recitals as well)

What types of music did you play at Chateau Renoir?

Jazz and Rock

Did you put a lot of work into the pieces?

Yes, A LOT!

What was your favorite piece?

A Rock and Roll piece called You Really Got me

When you got to Chateau Renoir, was it like what you had expected?

Yes, it was very nice there

What was your favorite part of playing at Chateau Renoir?

The crowd

His teacher, Jennifer Aumentado expanded on the interview by telling us that all the songs which the students played were tunes which were to be familiar to the residence at Chateau Renoir, making their listening experience a more enjoyable one.


If your interested in volunteering at the Chateau Renoir, please feel free to contact the office at