Terry – His Experience with Imagine Music Inc.

Imagine Music Inc. Organ Student Terry, prepared a song for the 2016 Video Project and wanted to share his thoughts about his experience with Imagine Music Inc. Terry is an adult student who is partially sighted. He has written two parts to his review.


Hello, my name is Terry and I’m a 75 year old partially sighted Organ student. I use a computer as well as Apple iPad apps to magnify music.

I became interested in the organ because I loved the music when I used to roller skate and and ice skate when I was younger and not partially sighted.

I’m going to play a song I learned with Jennifer (Terry’s teacher). It won’t be perfectly played but I’m satisfied enough with it that I want to learn some other old favorites for memory like this one. The song I will be playing is “Somewhere My Love” – waltz from the movie Dr. Zhivago.

Jennifer’s great patience and instruction has made me want to learn more. While doing this, I found myself thinking that I wanted to invite friends to visit and hear me play. I was pleasantly surprised at this feeling. When I found myself feeling like that, I knew I had succeeded in my organ instruction well enough to be able to be comfortable, confident and truly enjoy playing just for the pleasure of it.

I invite you to come along and learn like I did at Imagine Music where, at least for my part, students succeed in sprite of the mistakes we may make while playing.


Recently on the CBC Radio One’s 1010 AM , the Sunday Edition, the host, Michael Enwright, learned how to play the piano. Michael swore he’d never be able to learn to play the piano, let along play something worthwhile on the radio.

Many listeners wrote in and related to how previous music teachers had wanted absolute perfection and therefore had made piano not enjoyable. From my experience with Imagine Music Inc., if you want that kind of perfection, they certainly have the skill, talent and experience to not only play, but to teach. For my part, Jennifer has concentrated on enough playing perfection to make me a good organist. Better still, Jennifer has taught me that some mistakes are acceptable at certain playing levels and actually make a budding organist (or musician) endearing. This way, you know you’ll probably make some mistakes although you practiced long and hard not to. So, just accept a few low level mistake according to your playing level and become an endeared musician to your audience. I’ve heard it said that audiences do not always even recognize mistakes unless they are really glaring.

The next time you see a lonely, dusty, unplayed instrument in some forgotten corner, go over and say hi. Become friends and meet with an Imagine Music Inc. teacher. You’ll soon find yourself with a great new instrument friend and, for my part, you’ll appreciate each other forever! As the words to the waltz I played, “Somewhere my Love, there will be songs to sing….”