Looking for a piano player or accompaniment for your wedding ceremony, business function or cocktail reception?  Read more about our professional Pianist…



Involved as a Performing Musician and Accompanist for over 26 years, this very versatile piano player plays as a soloist, duo and big bands.  Able to provide music for your wedding, party, business function as well as smaller events. Her repertoire includes classic rock such as Billy Joel and Elton John, British pop such as the Beatles,  early 70’s pop such as the Eagles & Bee gees, Classic (traditional) pop such as Cole Porter and Louis Armstrong.   Acoustic pop with soul, Jazz Swing or Easy Listening / Adult Contemporary such as Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole & Norah Jones. Rock n’ Roll 50’s Oldies. Jazz swing,  Nu Jazz, Symphonic Jazz, Latin Jazz.  From classical favorites such a Canon in D to timeless gospel hymns – just ask for your favorites as this pianist is able to take music requests!





krishan casualKrishan singing
Looking for a piano player for your wedding, banquet or other event? Perhaps you need an accompanying singer – well look no further! Ranging in styles from classical to jazz, pop, rock, and folk – this artist can fit the bill for a wide range of styles, crowd size and event type.  He has made many appearances as a clarinetist, even a featured clarinet soloist with Luminous Voices, Calgary‚Äôs professional choir. As a bass singer he has a wealth of choral knowledge, even directing a vocal jazz group.




For more information on a pianist for your event, please call Imagine Live Music at 587-390-7347 or email info@imaginemusicinc.com.