Music Transcription and Arrangement

Do you have a favourite song that you can’t find the music for? Do you want a piece of music specially catered to your ability or scored for your ensemble? Imagine Music Inc. offers full arrangement, transcription, and transposition service that will be able to create a special version of your favourite songs just for you.

Do you want an easy piano transcription of your favourite radio tune?
How about a voice and piano arrangement of a great musical number, in whatever key you want?
Do you play with a band and just can’t figure out that great riff? We’ll do it for you.
You have sheet music, but need it transposed to a different key? No problem.
If you know the melody but have no idea what chords to play? We can help you out there as well.

All we need is:

  1. Name of piece
  2. Artist
  3. Desired Instrumentation (easy/medium/advanced piano, piano duet, voice and piano, vocal ensemble, jazz lead sheet, etc.)
  4. Form (any sections cut or extended?)
  5. Key

Prices will vary by complexity of arrangement.

Contact the office at 587-390-7347 or contact the Imagine Music Inc office for more information on transposing and arranging your piece of music!